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At present , we very proudly announce that in the premises of sulabh, nine trades are running successfully to conduct these trades experts are kept to help from various field.

This trade is a one year course from ITI (Industrial Training Institute) and its pursued as a hobby course as well. This programme includes office management and this offers how to start business, company law human rights development 5 points programmes. It also includes shorthand and basic computer programme. The average of number of students who get this degree are 50 and placement are offered at “ Yojana Bhawan, different coaching centre, IBM and other multinational companies.

This trade is affiliated by “Sulabh”. It is six month course and the certificate is provided through sulabh only. Typing is done in both the languages Hindi and English. Averages of 60 to 80 students are benefited every year. They also get jobs at different commercial and multinational companies. Sometimes they also start their own centre.

This trade was started in the year 1998. This was a certificate course for 3 months and later the time period extended to six months.

There are three programmes taught in this course-
a. Fundamental course- Which is for three months.
b. Basic Course which is for six months, and
c. DTP course for three months.

On an average, every year 120 students are benefited from this course, and are placed in PSU’s like airport, air force call centers and School’s etc.

Cutting and Sewing (ITI )
This course was started in the year 1992, as initially a short term course, but in the year 2002 it became a full- fledged course one year. After completing this course the students either appear for the ITI exam and get a certificate for the same or they get a certificate from Sulabh. They have the Government sport inform of getting loans to start their small skill business. The students work various export house designer studios and mall. Some of them also start working from home.

Cutting and Tailoring and Embroidery
It is a hobby course, young girls and middle aged ladies are taught hand embroidery and machine embroidery. This course was started since a lot of students were not fitting in the criteria of ITI course. On an average of 70 students passed every year. After completing this course either they open their own boutique or work in the malls.

Fashion Designing
This course started in the year 1995, initially it was 6 month course but in the year 2008, the duration of the course exceeds to a one year programme.

Fashion Design includes

- Basic Design
- Design Idea
- Sketching drafting
- Clothing Construction
- Computer aided design
- History of Fashion
- Textile Ideas

They also conduct fashion shows in various parts of Delhi like Dilli Haat. Placement in places include fashion studios, Meena Bazaar and malls.

It started in the year 1992. It’s a six month course this course includes wiring, fitting, repairs of all electrical gadgets like cooler, press etc. They work at airports, factories and as contractors.

Slum Welfare Programme for Children
This is the most precious programme which was started in the year 1994, it is also known as self development programme, it is conducted in the afternoon shift. To provide better and healthy childhood. They are given education, personal hygiene environmental awareness, fun activities like dance, drawing are taught. On average of 60 students both valmikies and under privilege are benefited. They are provided with healthy evening snacks stationeries, clothes and medical aid.

Slum House wife literacy programme
Some of the ladies are not able to reach the centre so the social worker from sulabh they visit the slums like Nanda Block, Nasir Pur, Madhu Vihar and provide basic education, knowledge of health and moral values. Apart from this these non educated women are also taught the skill of cutting and tailoring inside the premises.

Slum Women Tailoring Programme
In recent years Sulabh has steadily been building our capacity to create a truly great opportunity for those from the downtrodden families. People especially women who were once deprived of everything be it money, status or career are now encouraged to groom up their confidence and to become self independent here at Sulabh Literacy Mission & fulfill their dream. Members and staff of Sulabh Literacy Mission leave no stone unturned by providing these women opportunity to learn & train themselves in various fields such as cutting, tailoring & basic education so that they can complete with the competitive world and earn their livelihood by exploring their skill and talent. These women majority of whom belong to the slum area work as domestic help in houses and after mid-day they come to Sulabh to learn & develop skills so that in future they would not serve as domestic help and become self employment.
Young girls mostly who were school drop-outs were counseled by sulabh literacy staff to join the ‘learn and earn’ training programme and now those who have undertook training in this programme are able to earn money under the self-employed scheme.

Sulabh Literacy Mission is planning to visit more and more slum areas of Delhi and make women aware of the ‘learn & earn’ scheme for their upliftment as well as the upliftment of the society.

Beauty Care
Beauticians course started in the year 1995. This one year’s course trains around 50 students each year in beauty culture & personal grooming.
After completion of the course the trainee is capable of running her own parlour, can become a beauty instructor or can work as a beauty professional in any other parlours.
The course is conducted in two batches morning & evening. Students are imparted training in various types of facials, hair styling, hair cutting, pedicure, manicure, waxing etc.. Advance
methods of hair and skin-care are also taught, students learn everything like draping the sari in various styles, applying mehndi, nail-art etc.. Latest methods of hair spa & body spa are also taught to the trainees. After one year’s training trainees become a complete beauty expert.

Fashion Designing
This course was started in the year of 1995. Initially it was six month course but in the year 2008, the duration of the course was extending to one year programme.
Fashion is a style. The course deals with the whole gamut (range) of clothing and apparel designing with latest trends in male, female and children’s wears in which they feel more comfortable and look more impressive.
Computer Aided Designing and colour diversification has revolutionized the concept of style of life.
Fashion designing course includes.
1. Basic Design
2. Design Ideas
3. Sketching
4. Drafting
5. Clothing Construction
6. Computer Aided Design
7. History of Fashion
8. Textile Theory
They also conduct Fashion shows in various parts of Delhi like Delhi Haat, Mavalankar Auditorium etc. The course has been designed, keeping in view the ever growing job market for designer’s field.
Placement in places includes Fashion Studios, Meena Bazar (chain of shops), Fashion Designing Faculty and shopping malls.

It started in the year 1992. It’s a six month course this course includes wiring, fitting, repairs of all electrical gadgets like cooler, press etc. They work at airports, factories and as contractors.