Social Upgradation Programme

Cultural values, norms and traditions take time to change and require ‘will’ and initiative from one and all such change. This necessitates modification of group attitudes and behavior. With this in view, Sulabh International has evolved the modality of ‘Social Upgradation’ for enhancing their social status.

This modality is direct and simple. It is purely voluntary and does not involve any legal obligation on the part of any one. All it costs is a ‘will’ to shed social prejudice, a sense of social equity and concern for the well-being of society. A conscientious citizen formally and publicly adopts the family of scavenger. Subsequently, they interact closely and visit each other’s home. They meet on social occasions and the adopting person tries to help the adopted family in getting jobs and solving their problems. Many conscientious citizens have adopted scavenger families in large numbers.