Sanitation Programme

To provide clean and hygienic sanitation facilities to the people, especially to meet the needs of women, girls and children and thereby provide them human dignity, Sulabh International Centre for Action Sociology has maintained nearly 50 public toilet complexes on ‘pay-and-use’ basis in various low-income localities of New Delhi such as Madipur, Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Yamuna Pushta, etc. This was done in close cooperation with local bodies after signing an agreement with them.

It has also undertaken construction of Sulabh two-pit, pour-flush, compost toilets in individual houses where no sewerage system existed. This has enabled a cleaner and more livable environment to the inhabitants of the area and improved their health.

New designs for children’s toilets were developed which were constructed in public toilets. These child-friendly toilets created a congenial atmosphere to induce children to use a toilet and inculcate good hygiene practices rather than defecate in the open, which is a common sight otherwise.