Founder's Message

SICAS as an institution covers large number and a range of activities of its kernels is the Sulabh Public School

It truly fulfils the purpose of bringing out the best in the child. More so in those who come with the background of families who stand marginalized and deprived in the social structure of the society. The school does so by providing an opportunity to them of learning along with the children of families who fall in the category of “haves” in terms economic and more importantly social. In the minds of the wards, of those who are at the lowest rung of the ladder of the society, is inculcated a feeling of equality which in turn gives them confidence to intermingle, to play, to compete, to share joys together on a par with others. This prepares them to face life as others do.

In the process, the students are taught values, which are worth being cherished; of being disciplined, having respect for teachers and elders and a sense of fair play. These are best learnt on the play field, in the classroom, in off hours when they face each other at raw as every child should. It this which encourages a spirit of adventure; it this which toughens them up to fight the odds in life.

In the School they learn the three R's, the languages, the rudiments of new technologies which are basic ingredients of modern day life. The foundations are laid not in terms of visible buildings but, invisible essentials of character and uprightness. It is not that there are no shortcomings, it is not that there is nothing wrong, but, in the balance sheet it is the positives which out-weigh the negatives.

In the crucible of the nobility and ideals which are the essence of the process of education, in the School there is also the input of the practicality of commerce. There is mixture of the loftiness of learning with mundanity of earning: result Vocational Training. The care free ambience of learning of lower classes transits into the worries of in higher classes of acquiring skills with economic orientation to fend for future. Courses are conducted in ten trades. It is though difficult to single out which one is of greater or lesser importance. SICAS also runs Slum Children Welfare Programmes and a vibrant School Sanitation Club which from the beginning imparts awareness amongst children about the importance of sanitation. It teaches how to lend a helping hand to members of families which live in the shadows and are covered by penumbra of social ostracization and neglect by society. This programme is the social upgradation programmes.

Credit for eminence that the school has attained by now goes to the teachers for their efforts, the infinite patience that they display while dealing with the children, for their dedication and benign guidance provided by them. And, of course, to the children who make the School. It is their playful laughter, the shouts of joy which are the essence of a classroom, the strength of its walls. It is they who give meaning to our endeavours and while learning teach us the spirit of camaraderie, through their the capacity they have to forget a slight, an injury and to get going again: qualities which are worthy of emulation.

Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, Ph.D., D. Litt.
Sociologist and Social Reformer
Founder, Sulabh Sanitation Movement