About Us

Sulabh International Centre For Action Sociology is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization, founded in the year 1993 under the inspired stewardship of Padma Bhushan Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak and working under the umbrella of Sulabh International Social Service Organisation and an integral part of the Sulabh Sanitation and Social Reform Movement, India. The Sulabh Movement started with the objective of liberating ‘human scavengers’ from the demeaning, inhuman work of cleaning human excreta and carrying it as head-load for its further disposal. Towards this end, sustainable sanitation technologies were innovated, developed and implemented by Sulabh to relieve scavengers, treated as ‘untouchable’, from the centuries-old practice of cleaning bucket toilets.

Valmikis are placed on the lowest position in the hierarchy of Indian social system. Apart from studying the various social processes and problems, initiation of ‘action’ activities as remedy to bring changes in societal structure were needed in order to make the environment a better place for society to live in. Towards this end, the Sulabh International Centre for Action Sociology (SICAS) was established with the objective of developing a systematic understanding of the social, economic and psychological problems of the scavengers or Valmikis and to evolve and implement a range of innovative, sustainable and replicable activities, including educating through a new approach and training which would bring the Valmikis into the national mainstream.

The organization was registered on 21 April, 1993 at New Delhi, under "Socities Registration Act, XXI of 1860 (Regn No: S-24154)"

Programmes for several inter-related and integrated activities for rehabilitating the socially and economically backward scavenging community for providing education to the children and restoring their self-esteem, self-respect and human rights are undertaken. It is now playing a significant role in transforming and developing a new style of life among the Dalits and the poor of the Indian society. Sulabh International Centre for Action Sociology is managed by individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The organization is growing each year and helping out poor children with more Programmes and training courses.