National Conference on 'Fulfilling the Dream of Hon'ble Prime Minister to Provide Toilet in Each Household by 2019 – Challenges and the Way Ahead'

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It truly fulfils the purpose of bringing out the best in the child. More so in those who come with the background of families who stand marginalized and deprived in the social structure of the society. The school does so by providing an opportunity to them of learning along with the children of families who fall in the category of “haves” in terms economic and more importantly social. In the minds of the wards, of those who are at the lowest rung of the ladder of the society, is inculcated a feeling of equality which in turn gives them confidence to intermingle, to play, to compete, to share joys together on a par with others. This prepares them to face life as others do.

Objectives »

»  To initiate steps for providing better information as well as formal education for students of different sections of the society, specially the weaker section through the network of its institutions throughout the country.

»  To start centers of specialized coaching for deserving candidates, specially of the weaker section, in order to help them secure suitable careers.

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The Making of Legend:
Narendra Damodar Das Modi (Book)

This book familiarizes you with the difficult socio-economic milieu in which Hon'ble PM Modi, grew up but refused to be the prisoner of circumstances, manifested in his early fostering of good habits and promises of greatness that one can see through his constant struggle for personal excellence and social welfare.

Prime Minister Modi’s fascinating life-story and his historic crusade of cleanliness could not have been better chronicled and interpreted than this illustrated biography by Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the globally renowned champion of sanitation and social reforms.

** This book is a must read for general readers as well as academicians, who want to understand contemporary India and its most towering leader.

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Distinguished Visitors at SICAS

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Distinguished Visitors at SICAS

Extracts of the visit of Ms. Raashi Mamtani. A US citizen, what she saw, observed and experienced in Sulabh Campus during her visit.